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Valentine's bouquets: 5 ideas to astonish your loved one

The celebration of love is just around the corner. Valentine's Day is approaching and you shouldn’t leave choosing gifts and the little details to the last minute. That's why we bring you this small guide with the top flowers for a valentine’s bouquet.

Bouquet of Roses Secret Love - La Florela

1. Alstroemerias

Alstroemerias are beautiful flowers which resemble lilies, with a variety of colours that go from white to red and purple. Hailing from the Andean mountains, they are a sign of a noble love and lasting companionship.

Due to their significance, alstroemerias make up for a wonderful addition to any valentine’s bouquet. Pair them up with some roses, as in our Bouquet of Alstroemeria & Roses Sweet Love, and you’re on your way to leave quite an impression.

And if you’re a girl looking for something for your boyfriend, fear not, these flowers are on our list the perfect choices for them.

Cupid Pompons Bouquet - La Florela

2. Pompons

With an ample spectrum of colours, ranging from white to pink, pompons are fantastic to bring out a lasting smile in your loved one. In choosing pompons for a valentine’s bouquet, such as the Promo Cupid Pompons Bouquet, you won’t be only transmitting your love but also the joy of celebrating your relationship.

Romantic Bouquet of Roses & Callas - La Florela

3. Callas

If you’re looking for a flower that speaks about the purity of your love, then callas are a perfect fit. They are not only beautiful, but also very elegant. This is achieved by how it grows: a single spathe.

They are grown in many colours, with white, pink, and red being the most sought after for valentine’s bouquet. In our shop you will find many ways to gift them, with the Promo Romantic Bouquet of Roses & Callas as the perfect fit for this special day.

True Love Roses Bouquet - La Florela

4. Roses

Roses are the quintessential flower to show love and affection to that special someone in your life. Red ones have stood as a symbol of love and desire since quite a few centuries ago and they aren’t a rare sight during Valentine’s Day.

And while you might be thinking that roses are too much of a cliché for a valentine’s bouquet, rest assured that there’s not such a thing when telling your partner how much you love them.

Do you want to give it a try? Pick this lush and colourful Promo True Love Roses Bouque tand see how they react. You’re poised to get a delightful smile and a ton of love back.

Lilies & Pompons Bouquet of Flowers Love at First Sight - La Florela

5. Lilies

Lilies have two qualities that make them stand out. The first one is their strong and sweet aroma that can fill up entire rooms.

The other? Their amazing colours (and the meanings behind them). You can find white lilies, for purity; yellow ones, for happiness in love; classic red lilies, tied to love and seduction; and orange flowers, that are associated with passion.

Choosing the right colour of lilies for your valentine’s bouquet is just a matter of what you want to convey and this Promo Lilies & Pompons Bouquet of Flowers Love at First Sight can be just the perfect place to start.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas to guide you, but that you should consider what your loved one likes the best. Is it passionate red flowers or bright colourful ones?

Whatever you choose, be sure that we can find it in our store.