7 types of flowers and their meanings

What are flowers and where do they come from?

In the book The Intelligence of Flowers, by Maurice Maeterlink, the author makes this small reflection: “A beautiful thing does not die without having purified something. There is no beauty to be lost. We should not be afraid of sowing flowers on the way: they will remain there for weeks, for years, and they will not dissolve, as a diamond does not dissolve, and at the end, someone will end up passing near them and see them shine, and he will take them and he will be happy”.

And we completely gather ourselves with his thoughts, because that is precisely what keeps us standing: the complete belief of that magic and of that supernatural force that indicates, and shows that everyone who is in contact with a flower, “is a happy person ”. Because flowers are owners of other types of languages ​​that have inquietud us since unforgettable times.

Well, let's remember what flowers symbolize has been a great spectrum for us as individuals, and that this is reflected in the way in which we embrace them. From mythology, folklore, and fine arts, almost everything we feel can be reflected through them, their colors, their shapes, or their aromas.

That is why we make this list of 7 types of flowers and their meanings, in addition, we let you know that each of them is available at La Florela and that our arrangements are not only your allies to convey what you feel depending on the moment and the person your going to send them to, but they are also a beautiful artistic expression designed from the heart of Colombian floral artisans:


Roses are the most beautiful, the most adored and the favorites forever. In addition, their great variety (about 35 thousand varieties on Earth) make them versatile and fit perfectly to what we want our loved ones to know about us. In addition, having an exquisite fragrance and medicinal properties made them to be considered for years as the symbol of love, sensuality, and beauty in various cultures.


This flower is very particular and reflects something that is fundamental to human existence: real friendship, that is why an arrangement with these flowers is undoubtedly a winning gift for your friends. Each of its petals symbolizes an important facet of friendship: love, understanding, patience, commitment, empathy, respect and humor. The pink ones are Alstroemerias.

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The meaning of pompoms is absolutely cultural because while in America they are flowers to express positive emotions such as happiness, joy, love and beauty. In Europe they are a symbol of death and mourning. In the Eastern world, they are associated with monarchy, for what they mean: a long life, idle and full of wealth. But we are left with the first meaning, for which we share the variants that carry their colors:

Violet: used to wish good luck.
Yellow: associated with friendship.
White: innocent, sincere love, and honesty.
Red: it is a cute and tender way of expressing to someone "I love you".
Green: energy, vitality and health.


They are a very beautiful species that are often used to wish good luck, or to show true love or fidelity. In addition, they are of Latin origin and their name translate as "star". According to ancient myths, asters were created when Virgo (Astraea), the goddess of innocence wept over in the world we know, as her tears fell one by one like "star dust, covering the earth with asters."


Hydrangeas are a type of flowers that love color, because their blue, violet, pink, purple or green tones make everyone draw attention to them. They are native to Asia and South America. And are a symbol of gratitude, grace, beauty and abundance, due to the exuberant amount of small flowers that compose them, and its round shape.


The scientific name for carnations is Dianthus Caryophyllus, which translates to "flower of the gods," which pays homage to the way it has been venerated for centuries. At first, they mean beauty and pride, but like chrysanthemums, their meaning changes depending on the color they wear:

- Red: love, pride and admiration
- Pink: they are for the love of a mother
- White: innocence and pure love
Blue: caprice

They are the pinks in this image:


Lilies are beautiful and are characterized by having a very strong and pleasant aroma that increases in the evening hours. And they are the fifth best-selling flowers in the world. In ancient times for the Greeks and for the Romans, lilies symbolize long life. While for the men of the Victorian era they were a sign of love. According to their color these is their meaning:

- White: purity, innocence and beauty
- Yellow: happiness in love, gratitude and joy
- Red: love, seduction
- Orange: passion

If you want to know more about the Art of Colombian Flowers and its importance with our brand, we invite you to be part of an experience full of sensitivity