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5 Types of ideal flowers for Mother's Day
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Symbols of Alstroemerias

Once again, one of the most celebrated days in the world is approaching: Mother's Day! This is a perfect day to remember experiences, moments and stories. Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to thank each of them for the work of loving us, putting up with us and loving us without limits.

And since we know that not all mothers are the same, at La Florela we have worked for a long time to build perfect bouquets for each of them. Both for the sweetest and most patient mothers, as well as for the roughest and most outgoing.

All our bouquets are made with the freshest and most colorful flowers, brought directly from Colombian fields, and each one has its own magic! Therefore, on this Mother's Day, we are going to celebrate our mothers, giving them a bouquet full of life.

And don't worry about the "where to buy mothers day flowers" here you will find all the answers.

5 Types of ideal flowers for Mother's Day

After this quick introduction to the meaning of each flower, you will no doubt order flowers for Mother's Day.

#1 Bouquets of hydrangeas

These flowers look like a work of art straight out of a Renaissance painting, and all of our hydrangea bouquets are ideal for those classic and elegant moms. For those who always find the right words to accompany our journey.

Bouquets of hydrangeas La Florela - mothers day flowers
Bouquets of hydrangeas La Florela - happy mothers day flowers

#2 Bouquets of roses

These bouquets of roses for mother’s day are ideal flowers for the most passionate and strong moms. Its vivid colors are like an inspiration in the midst of great darkness. A bouquet based on roses is perfect for those mothers who are our great heroines.

Bouquets of roses La Florela - mothers day flowersBouquets of roses La Florela - mothers day flowers


And remember: in La Florela you will find the most beautiful rose flowers on Mother's Day.


#3 Bouquets with lilies

Lilies have always been characterized as a flower that represents purity and innocence. Therefore, on this Mother's Day, our bouquets with lilies are perfect for those sweet mothers, who always have a word of relief for our hearts.

#4 Pompon Bouquets

This type of flower is perfect for those outgoing mothers, who love to dance and sing on any holiday. Their colors and disorder go perfectly with their way of speaking and communicating. Never has a flower had so much personality.

Pompon Bouquets La Florela - mothers day flowers

#5 Alstroemeria Bouquet

Alstroemerias have been characterized as a symbol of friendship and lasting relationships. Therefore, any bouquet that contains this beautiful flower that seems a tribute to femininity, is perfect for those moms who are at the same time our best friends.

Alstroemeria Bouquet La Florela - mothers day flowersAlstroemeria Bouquet La Florela - mothers day flowers


As our mothers illuminate our lives with their generosity, gentleness and care, we express our gratitude and love by sharing a bouquet of flowers full of life, joy, love and color. Come and see our complete collection, and send flowers for Mother's Day.

Now that you know where to buy flowers for Mother's Day, do you dare to order the most beautiful bouquets for her?