In this article you will find:
  1. History of Valentine's roses
  2. Cultures that popularized roses on Valentine's Day
The idea of giving red roses on the day that love and life are celebrated was popularized in the 18th century by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. An English writer and poet, who was fascinated with the Turkish notion of the "language of flowers."

However, Madame Montagu misinterpreted this language, assuming that in tradition, roses were a way to mark and send secret love letters. But since Montagu was an important writer, this misinterpretation gained popularity and led to the publication of the French book "Langage de Fleurs", where she defined some meanings of flowers, including red roses.

In this book, the eccentric writer not only assigns to roses the meaning of love, but also demonstrates the romanticization of this flower through human history, taking up some poems describing the meaning of roses as the means to express a dazzling feeling, which cannot be described with words.
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Other cultures that valued the red roses for Valentine’s Day

And although this is one of the best legends of the red rose, the truth is that roses were associated with love in many other cultures. One of the best known is Greek and Roman mythology, which says that the rose acquired its red color when Venus, the goddess of love, was stung by a rose's thorn and her blood colored white petals.

Likewise, in the cosmos the amazing magnificence of the rose is recognized, which according to its tradition, every eight years the planet Venus dances with the Earth forming a perfect geometric pattern that looks like a rose. This pattern is known as "The Rose of Venus", and it is a moment in which everything connects in synergy, thanks to the love that moves the world.

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And without a doubt, the story that is most associated with the value of the red roses for Valentine’s Day, It is when Cupid gave a rose to Harpocrates, to buy his silence about the coquetry of Venus, making the red rose a symbol of secrecy, romance, love and passion.
That is why red roses for Valentine's Day are a tradition, since for many years, they have been associated with love, passion and the joy of life. Thus, as with romanticism, flirtation and secrecy.

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