Have you ever wondered why the first gift idea for Saint Valentine's Day is usually red roses? Well, look no further!

Every year, millions of people exchange this beautiful flower on this date to express their love. This idea was popularized in the 18th century by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who was an English aristocrat, writer, and poet. She was fascinated by a Turkish version of flower language, but gave that wrong interpretation of it, describing the tradition as a way of assigning meaning to objects in order to send secret love letters. As Montagu was an important writer, this mistaken interpretation grew in popularity and led to the publication of the French book "Le Langage des Fleurs," a dictionary for the language of flowers by Charlotte de Latour, a book that was published a century after Montagu’s interpretation.

This book not only assigns love as the meaning of the dazzling rose, but it demonstrates the romanticization of this flower through human history by showcasing different poems that allude to its truthful meaning, which is almost indescribable by words, but could be understood by the most stunning feelings and sensations we can imagine.

In reality, the rose was assigned love as a meaning long ago by the Greek/Roman mythology, which says that the rose got its red color when Venus, the goddess of love, got stung by the thorn of a rose and her blood covered its white petals, or when Cupid presented a rose to Harpocrates, the grave god of silence, to buy his silence over Venus's coquetry, making the red rose a symbol of secrecy, romance, love, and passion.  This goes further, with the cosmos itself recognizing the astonishing magnificence of the rose. Every eight years the planet Venus dances with the Earth forming a perfect geometric pattern that looks like a rose, called The Rose of Venus. It feels like everything connects, like the purpose of the red rose is to demonstrate a feeling that we can’t describe, a meaning that goes beyond explanation.

So this is why red roses are not just a gift idea for Saint Valentine’s Day, but a must on this occasion. Red roses are a perfect complement to any other gift, or even if it is your only option, roses say more than a thousand words, and they will represent perfectly how you feel.