In this article you will find:

  • What does it mean to give roses
  • What does it mean to give lillies
  • What does it mean to give alstroemerias
  • What does it mean to give orchids

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, what really matters is the message you want to convey by giving a bouquet of flowers. It will never be the same to give a bouquet to your mother, than to give it to your partner or that friend you love so much. That is why today we will tell you what giving flowers symbolizes in different situations.

As is tradition, we normally give flowers to express love, empathy or happiness for certain achievements or situations. It is well known that we have already normalized the fact of giving flowers on special occasions so that others feel that we support them in their joy or feeling despite being sometimes far away.
And although it may seem surprising, the use of flowers has a much older origin if we look through history.

Now, come and find out what does giving flowers symbolize

Give Roses

It is commonly known that giving roses of any color is a wise move. But you do not want to give the wrong message, giving the color that does not correspond to the occasion you are celebrating. In general, all roses are flowers that symbolize love, according to their colors they can mean other things, so you should keep in mind:

  • Red: Romantic and passionate love.
  • Pink: Tenderness, admiration, gratitude.
  • Yellow: affection, joy, joy.
  • White: Purity, delicacy.
La Florela roses - flowers that symbolize love

Give Lilies

Lilies, like roses, are a perfect complement to any celebration. However, depending on its colors, it can mean different things. For example:

  • White lilies: purity, innocence and beauty.
  • Yellow lilies - happiness in love, gratitude and joy.
  • Red lilies: love, seduction.
  • Orange lilies: passion.

Give Alstroemerias

These flowers are generally associated with true friendship. Therefore, it is a perfect gift for any faithful friend. According to some sources, each flower has six petals and each one of them symbolizes a very important facet of friendship: understanding, patience, commitment, empathy, respect and humor.

La Florela alstroemerias - symbolic meaning of flowers

La Florela alstroemerias - flowers that symbolize friendship

Give Orchids

Orchids are characterized by being exotic flowers and with a shape that is associated with female fertility. For this reason, generally giving orchids is a symbol of seduction and desire.

Now that you know what giving flowers symbolizes, do you know which one to give to that special someone? Come and fall in love with all our bouquets of flowers. You will make arrangements for all occasions.