5 celebration flowers that represents independence

Flowers are an essential element at parties. To celebrate Independence Day, we want to show you which are the ones that evoke freedom, rights, and justice.

These natural beauties have been the protagonists of struggles and you can find their trail in historical episodes such as The Carnation Revolution in Portugal, The Rose Revolution or Revolution of Roses in Georgia, or the Tulip Revolution in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Flowers for celebration: carnations

Carnations are flowers with history, being used for more than 2000 years. It is said that they are the flowers of the gods since their scientific name is derived from the Greek word for God (dianthus) and flower (anthos). Along with roses, carnations express love, fascination, and pride.

In revolutions, red carnations are a symbol of the labor movement. In Portugal, red carnations were used when the authoritarian regime of that time, which had not held democratic elections since 1925, was overthrown. That April 25, 1975, Portuguese citizens placed red carnations on the tips of military rifles, avoiding an armed struggle.

Although carnations have different meanings according to their color, red and white (particularly in the Netherlands or Japan), represent love, admiration and gratitude, all patriotic feelings.

Happy Independence Day: say it with roses

Roses are the national flower of the United States. England and this North American country use them as an emblem of their values.

The oldest roses’ fossil remains were found in Colorado, in the Eocene Florissant Formation, that is, in rocks that have more than 40 million years old. For Americans, roses are also an evocation of their migration, their own beauty as a people, and their adaptation.

These flowers have multiple meanings: love, innocence, friendship, passion, and power.

Roses are flowers to celebrate because they adapt to the circumstances: to declare your passion you can use red roses; for a friend or a mother, white or yellow roses; to apologize, roses in shades of pink. To sing to freedom, any of them. As a famous president once said: it is better to throw roses than bullets at the enemies.

Celebration flowers: freesia

These simple flowers, which can look like foliage, symbolize freedom, friendship, attention, and innocence. They come in multiple colors, such as white, yellow, orange, pink and purple. Combined with other flowers they can provide an air of celebration and joy.

As they also symbolize trust and purity they are often used in bridal bouquets. Similarly, they are synonymous of responsibility and selflessness, so that their message is honest and libertarian.

Lilies and royalty

Lilies are a symbol of life, love, and beauty. Their stylized shape and different colors evoke peace, a feeling of fullness that is associated with the possibility of moving freely. This flower has been used as a symbol in French royalty, as well as being the official flower of some cities of the United States and Canada.

Lilies represent happiness, warmth and sovereignty, loyalty, and honor. In some cultures, such as China, they are associated with abundance, purification, and knowledge (especially, pink lilies). All of this makes them perfect for a bouquet that wishes a happy Independence Day.

Jasmine: flowers of hope

Jasmine is the flower to celebrate, no doubt also to celebrate Independence Day, for their simplicity and kindness. They’re flowers capable of illuminating and aromatizing spaces while being associated with decorum and intellect.

There are many celebration flowers that can be used to evoke freedom, patriotic love, and courage. A good bouquet adapts to different situations, such as Independence Day, to transmit beautiful feelings.

If you want to find the ideal flower for any occasion, check out our different bouquets and choose according to your needs.

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