Decorating with bouquet of roses - La FlorelaDecorating with bouquet of roses - La Florela

Discover Colombia Land of the most exotic flowers

Best Flowers of the world grown in Colombia by women artisans shipped directly from the farms to your door.

Fresh Flower Arrangements made with the most exotic flowers

Did you know that there is a formal naming system for the flowers of the world called the Linnaean system?

Most exotic flowers have a genus name and a common name. The common name for Alstroemeria is Peruvian lily, the common name for Dianthus is carnation, and the common name for Colombian genus rose is Colombian roses.

6 Reasons to Send Colombian Roses from la Florela

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1. Our flowers are always fresh:
They come straight from the farms to your door.
Surprise with flowers - La Florela
2. A Bouquet of flowers is #1 present
They are a meaningful gift.
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3. Sending roses online is affordable
There are no intermediary costs added to the price
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4. You can buy your flowers online.
It is practical and we offer 50% off in delivery
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5. We have artistic designs of Flower Arrangements.
We have exclusive options to choose from
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6. We carry bouquet of green flowers
Our long-lasting greens bring freshness to your place.

Our fresh-cut flowers from farms in Colombia allow us to bring fresh, premium bouquets for every holiday and special event of your life. Check out our collections.

Mothers Day Flowers - La Florela
Mothers Day
Make all of her days yours, for Mother's Day send her Colombian roses.
Congratulations Flowers - La Florela
Congratulations Flowers
Send congratulation greetings with unique flowers
Your Exclusive Wedding Flowers - La Florela
Wedding Flowers
For the most important day of your life, choose wonderful flowers
Give Birthday Flowers - La Florela
Birthday Flowers
Whenever you have the chance to celebrate someone’s birthday do it by sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers
Anniversary Flowers - La Florela
Anniversary Flowers
Each year surprise the love of your life with beautiful flowers.
Thanksgiving Flowers - La Florela
Thanksgiving Flowers
Share wonderful moments with pretty flowers with those you love this Thanksgiving

Colombian Tropical Flowers

From the farm to your door - La Florela

Chic & Sophisticated Bouquet Decorating your Home- La Florela
Green Flower Arrangements

Are perfect for maintaining the flow of energy due to their meaning. Green flowers represent optimism, renewal, health and good luck. Also, their fresh aromas refresh the air.

Amazing Pompons Bouquet on exterior areas - La Florela
Incredible Bouquet with Carnations Flowers

The carnation flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world with bright and varied colors. It is characterized by having multiple petals with irregular and broken edges that gives a dimension of abundance and joy

Flowers as works of Colombian Art

La Florela brings you varied options of high quality flowers that make up amazing bouquets inspired by art. All our flowers are grown in Colombia, and we make sure that all our flowers are kept at the perfect temperature required and that are handled with the utmost care.

Curiosities of 3 types of exotic flowers

Flowers in harvest Grown in Colombia - La Florela
Are the stars in the garden that bees love
Exotic Flowers- La Florela
Is a wound healing, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.
Tropical Flowers - La Florela
Is also known as baby's breath, wedding veil, or white foam.