Amid the color of a unique nature, the magic that gives life to the exotic flowers in Colombia emerges. For more than 90 years our floriculturists have cultivated and harvested living art in the shape of beautiful flowers.
Discover The Art of The Colombian Flowers.

Our elite flowers from Colombia are cultivated with care and harvested under special conditions; Which turns them into premium bouquet of flowers that are living works of art that have flourished on our farms and will be exhibited in your home.

Flowers Cultivated with care in each detail

Flowers have always been a fountain of inspiration

Many recognized worldwide artists and painters have found inspiration in flowers because of their variety of colors, countless fragrances, and unique beauty. Flowers have been part of their artistic work, from Van Gogh to Monet, and from Renoir to Andy Warhol. This picture exhibits some of their artworks which represents their own and individual artistic expression. 

The Perfect Flower Bouquet
to Express your Emotions

You have traveled the vision of several artists, and each type of flower portrayed in the painting tells a story and expresses the artist feelings and emotions. Here we share with you La Florela's inspirations based on these artistic movements in relation with what we do. “Delivery of Colombian flower bouquets directly from the farms to your door

The Impressionism in a bouquet

impressionism - natures flowers colombia - La Florela

Emotions in all their splendor, just like in our ‘‘Special Occasion Hydrangeas Bouquet” that fuses all the love and passion of pink roses, with the volume and harmonious balance of of green hydrangeas, and ruscus.

When we talk about Colombian flowers, are you an impressionist?

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The Expressionism in a bouquet

expressionism - colombian tropical flowers - La Florela

Light enhances beauty and brings balance to art and painting “Our Hydrangea Bouquet Feelings and Emotions” is a source of inspiration that gives a real meaning caused by its beautiful flowers.

When you see a Colombian flower bouquet made by la Florela, do you see yourself as an Expressionist?

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The Pop Art in a bouquet

expressionism - colombian tropical flowers - La Florela

Our “Forest Freshness Craspedia bouquet” with its natural green shade is the balance between beauty and art. This amazing bouquet, like Pop-Art has a meaning of its own by breaking down the barriers between art and life.

Would you choose a bouquet inspired in Pop-Art when talking about Colombian flowers?

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Because you have come this far, we can see that you have a sensitivity for the art of latin flowers bouquets from Colombia. Visit us at to know which living piece of art is perfect for you!