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Say sorry with these apology flowers for her

Saying "I'm sorry", asking for forgiveness, and restoring the bonds of a relationship can be hard. The Ancient Greeks invented the language of flowers and chose which ones would serve as apology flowers, based on their natural beauty and the way they transmitted how deeply you regret a situation. If you are looking for flowers to say you’re sorry, we have some options for you. But first, let’s ask ourselves: why do we use flowers to apologize?

Apology flowers: Prolonged impact and honesty

A gesture to show how much you regret something is worth more than a thousand words. Giving flowers has a great effect on the people who receive them. There’s a scientific fact that proves flowers can help reduce stress and anxiety, and they’re also a gift that brings joy and peace to people.

The so-called sorry flowers include a variety of colors. They have different tones of yellow, white, and blue. Gerberas are an example of your intent to express you want that bond to be reborn and that there is hope left. If you really want to show how sorry you are, we recommend these bouquets. 

Roses: Serenity that reminds us what’s really important

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Apology flowers: Craspedias and Star-of-Bethlehem
A Craspedias and Star-of-Bethlehem bouquet, made with fresh greeneries in its green apogee, transmits abundance, frankness and presence, and the hope for a long relationship. Craspedia is associated with wellness. They present themselves in abundance because they are composed of lots of little flowers and they don’t wither as fast as other flowers would. With this bouquet you can tell that special someone: my wish is that our bond never withers. On its own Star-of-Bethlehem flowers will last a long time, just as the Craspedias would. They are associated with Jesus' birth, his presence in the world, and his compassion. These flowers transmit purity, honesty, and forgiveness

Lilies: Rebirth and gratitude

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Sometimes, we go through life events where we regret some of the words or reactions we say and have. That’s why apologizing through flowers is important; it is a way to show honesty, true regret, and the desire to continue the relationship with our partner, friends, or family. What we want is to convey our desire to accomplish and maintain a wonderful relationship that, like the flowers, is beautiful and filled with happiness, life, and prosperity.

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