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Birthday blessings: 5 flowers to stand out

Sometimes we can get tangled in the idea of finding the so-called perfect gift. Truth is that most of the time it isn’t so much as the gift itself that matters but the meaning behind it. That’s why sending birthday blessings using flowers is such an amazing idea, as they convey deeper thoughts than other things.

For this reason we created this list of perfect flowers to gift to anyone on their birthday. It doesn’t matter if it's your mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, BFF or just an acquaintance, you will always find something for every person in your life.

Let 's go!

1. Clove pink (or carnation)

Birthday blessings - La Florela

2. Orchids

One of the most unconventional choices to send birthday blessings are orchids. There are a lot of reasons why these flowers make up for a great gift f. First of all, there’s an incredible variety of species (about 28,000) that will help you surprise even the most avid of collectors.

The second reason for picking orchids to send birthday blessings using flowers is their longevity. When they’re cared for properly, these beautiful flowers can last for years, and even provide their caregiver with new offshoots that can turn into a new beautiful flower to keep or use as a gift for somebody else.

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3. Roses:

4. Sunflowers

If you’re trying to send birthday blessings using flowers that convey happiness and joy, then the sunflowers are your perfect choice. Their bright yellow color can light up a room and put a smile on anyone’s face, so gifting them as a birthday present could be a heartwarming experience for everyone.

Presenting these flowers as a gift won’t just be a nice touch, but it can also let them know how much you value their friendship.

5. Gerberas

Birthday blessings - La Florela