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5 Birthday flowers to surprise your girlfriend on her

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• Why are flowers the best gift?

• Roses

• Pompoms

• Carnations

• Alstroemeria

• Lilies

flowers for girlfriend birthday

Obviously, many people say that it is not such a cool gift, arguing that in a short time the flowers wither, but that is also where their beauty lies. Flowers have the ability to turn a regular monotonous, everyday moment into an unforgettable moment, especially because through them you can express everything you feel without even having to say a word.

flowers for girlfriend birthday

According to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, by the State University of New Jersey, birthday flowers are a simple way in which nature embraces us and shows us that with them our bodies can improve emotional health, as explained by the director of the Research Jeannette Haviland-Jones, who is also a professor of Psychology on the same campus:

"What is most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can control their daily mood in a healthy and natural way."

For this reason, flowers are the answer to how to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday, because according to the study mentioned above , it is proven that those who receive birthday flowers are triggered with a series of positive emotions that translate into a happier behavior with respect to their surroundings. So the teacher explains that although common sense tells us that flowers make us happier, science proves that they do. And, that in fact they do it more than we imagine. Since it has strong positive effects on our emotional well-being.If you like this content, you also want to read:Floral therapy: 6 benefits of flower colors.

And when it's time to choose which are the best birthday flowers for her, we tell you that at La Florela we love flowers and we love creativity. So by giving your girlfriend one of our Exotic flower arrangements you will also be giving her a curated, handmade Colombian selection of living works of art designed by Colombian artisans. From that land full of magic and charm comes the variety of flowers that our eco-friendly farms have cultivated and that we will deliver to your girlfriend's front door, straight from the farms. You have a lot of options to choose from. Look:


Roses are a good birthday surprise for her, as roses are a traditional and outdated act of love.


This beautiful flower, exotic for its shape, denotes happiness, longevity, joy, innocent and sincere love. You will be everything she wants.
Birthday flowers to surprise your girlfriend - La Florela


This Latin flower is highly appreciated for the variety of its colors, it is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. And its meaning varies depending on its pigments. For example, white carnations represent peace and purity, while red represent sincere love. What color would you choose to express your love?


What is a true relationship based on? It should be based on friendship, that is why we recommend a flower bouquet with alstroemerias from Colombia, which are the symbol of true friendship. Each alstroemeria contains 7 petals and each one represents an important facet: understanding, patience, commitment, empathy, respect and humor. Isn't it a creative birthday idea for your girlfriend to tell her that she's also your best friend?


Finally, we will talk about lilies, which are exotic flowers grown in Colombia and they are long lasting flowers with a fragrance that makes you fall in love. And, due to their wide variety and multiple origins, they represent gratitude, femininity, love and purity.
Celebration flowers: Happy birthday flowers

Do you already know what type of birthday flowers will surprise your girlfriend? Contact us, if you have any questions in regards to this article.