Make your girlfriend fall in love with Boca Raton flowers delivery

If you are looking for an exclusive flower shop around Boca Raton because you want to send flowers to your girl, La Florela is your place! We are a Boca Raton florist, and we have beautiful and delicate bouquets that reflect a long-lasting love.

Before giving flowers to your girlfriend, you should think about how she feels when receiving the gift: loved, protected, desired. Choosing the bouquet that best suits her personality, energy and personal taste is essential. 

You should also keep in mind their favorite colors and the meaning of each chosen flower.

Flower delivery in Boca Raton: the rose, the main character

When we talk about love, we always think of red roses. These flowers are associated with passion, desire, and uncontainable love. If you want flowers for your girlfriend that will make her sigh, a bouquet of roses is the right choice.

You can combine roses by their colors, green foliage, and other flowers that support the main message. For example, if you mix red with yellow roses, you transmit love, the joy of life and friendship. If you use pink roses, you show purity, elegance, and beauty.

Alstroemeria: I give you my heart

In the language of flowers, Alstroemerias mean friendship. Each flower has six petals that symbolize some aspects: understanding, commitment, empathy, respect, patience, and humor. If you want to conquer a girl, a bouquet with alstroemeria represents a prosperous relationship filled with all these aspects and is intended to be long-lasting. 

Alstroemerias are generally used as fillers in the bouquets and last for about two weeks. They have different colors and meanings: purple means nobility and royalty; yellow represents positivity and optimism, and orange shows a form of passion.

The Alstroemeria flower has a legend: a young indigenous woman was turned into an Alstroemeria by the gods after seeking salvation for her lover. It is said that when someone gives you one of these flowers, they are giving you, their heart. 

Asters flowers: Amulet for love

One of the most requested flowers delivery in Boca Raton is the bouquet of asters and roses. These flowers add beauty to the home environment, and they are related to autumn and winter.

There are more than six hundred varieties in different colors. Aster flowers are associated with magic, with the goddess Aphrodite and her enchantments, for their ability to resist cold and for their star shape. They are very similar to daisies and were previously used as an amulet to keep couples together.

Asters are indispensable flowers in a bouquet if you want to flatter your girlfriend for her delicacy and elegance!

Are you looking for flower delivery in Boca Raton? In La Florela we have different bouquets that will bring happiness to your girlfriend.

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