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• 5 Types of ideal Mother's Day flowers
• Symbols of hydrangeas
• Symbols of roses
• Symbols of lilies
• Symbols of pompons
• Symbols of Alstroemerias

Once again, one of the most celebrated days in the world is approaching: Mother's Day! This is a perfect day to remember experiences, moments and stories. Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to thank each of them for the work of loving us, putting up with us and loving us without limits.

And since we know that not all mothers are the same, at La Florela we have worked for a long time to build perfect bouquets for each of them. Both for the sweetest and most patient mothers, as well as for the roughest and most outgoing.

All our bouquets are made with the freshest and most colorful flowers, brought directly from Colombian fields, and each one has its own magic! Therefore, on this Mother's Day, we are going to celebrate our mothers, giving them a bouquet full of life.

And don't worry about the "where to buy Mother's day flowers" here you will find all the answers.

5 Types of ideal flowers for Mother's Day

After this quick introduction to the meaning of each flower, you will no doubt order Mother's Day flowers.

#1 Bouquets of hydrangeas

Hydrangea bouquets - la florela
roses bouquet

#2 Bouquets of roses

And remember: in La Florela you will find the most beautiful rose Mother's Day Flowers.

#3 Bouquets with lilies

The woman came across a yellow flower in the forest with only four petals. She burst into tears, refusing to lose her son. Then, she had an idea: she broke each of the petals into hundreds of pieces and took them to the wise man. The surprised old man told her that her son will live for many years, that he will have a family and see her and her husband grow old.

When the woman returned home, her little son was healthy and it is believed that, since then, all pompoms stopped having four leaves to bloom into dozens of petals.

Due to this story, pompons are one of the types of flowers in bouquets that are most recommended when we want to send encouragement to a loved one who is ill or who has come out well after surgery.

#4 Pompon Bouquets

pompon bouquet

#5 Alstroemeria Bouquet

As our mothers illuminate our lives with their generosity, gentleness and care, we express our gratitude and love by sharing a bouquet of flowers full of life, joy, love and color. Come and see our complete collection, and send Mother's Day Flowers.

Now that you know where to buy Mother's Day flowers, do you dare to order the most beautiful bouquets for her?

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