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5 characteristics of expressionist art that relate to nature

What is expressionism in art?

To begin with, we want to talk about the definition of expressionism, an artistic trend that was inspired by emotional experience: “it is a modern movement that arose at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany, and in which artists distorted the physical reality of their subjects to 'express' their own emotions, feelings and ideas ”, they do not count from the MY MODERN MET collective.

Expressionist painting emerged as a reaction to Impressionism, and although it should not be encapsulated in an era or a space, we know that when we hear this term, it is generally being applied to the art of the 20th century. In which the aesthetics and approach of Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch were the main forerunners of the avant-garde, because their need to capture nature was given a twist in which only the minds of the artists were exposed before the eyes of the spectators.

What are the characteristics of expressionism?

The artists of this trend proposed a return to handicrafts, and stopped considering works of art as an object to reveal them as a link, that is why at La Florela we feel so identified with this movement, so while we are telling you which ones are its main characteristics, we also tell you how we adhere to them:

1. Oil painting on canvas predominated over other forms of art

2. Color has a life of its own

3. Shapes are created from angular lines and thick strokes

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4. The artists looked for the popular roots of the town

5. Only love for the environments and characters

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