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How to create a cute Halloween decoration?

According to traditional history, the night of October 31 is the night when the line that divides the world of the living and the world of the dead disappears, but we go a little further.

“Halloween is the contraction of All Hallow's Eve, for example: All Hallow's Eve, is a festival of Celtic origin that is traditionally celebrated in countries such as Canada, the United States, Ireland or the United Kingdom, a custom that aims to celebrate Samhain, an ancient Celtic holiday from the pagan period prior to conversion to Christianity, which welcomed the new year. Let's say that the Samhain was the passage from one year to the other, and that its literal meaning is the end of the summer”, you can read on the Edina Tours blog.

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Here this tradition, slowly began to spread to non-Anglo-Saxon countries España, Colombia and Argentina, where now, the houses are also dressed with a special decoration, that is, they are full of objects with special meanings such as:


This is perhaps the most typical object of Halloween, and it is born from a custom of the Druid people in which they carried a pumpkin on which they carved a face that was the representation of satanic spirits.

Black cats:

For the Celts, men who defrauded them were turned into black cats by the devil.


They are the representatives of wisdom and darkness, that is why sorcerers used their sound to get rid of the evil powers that emerged from darkness.

Half moon:

symbolizes spell night.


According to the ELLE blog, "ghosts are considered as" special "privileged messengers that transit among the pagans" during October 31st.

However, today this celebration has become an event that gives rise to celebration in many ways, so if you are planning a large party, but want to put aside the traditional decoration, we tell you that in La Florela, we have cute Halloween decoration ideas, which offer you a perfect touch for this occasion.

Well, while it is true that you can put them in simple vases to give life to your home, it is also true that you can put them on a pumpkin using it as a base, or you can simply give them to a passionate person for the most terrifying night of the year. Can you imagine what he will say when he sees a large and noisy bouquet of flowers in orange tones that has an artistic concept behind it?

You can decorate your home in an original way, do not miss this selection of natural flowers so that you can achieve and enjoy pretty Halloween decorations:

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