How to Decorate your Wedding with Flowers in Coral Gables

Special occasions require perfect decorations. Look no further if you're looking for flowers in Coral Gables to give your wedding a lovely final touch. We at La Florela have all you need.

Come and let us show you the best choices for your wedding day. We provide centerpieces decorated with flowers or create an incredible atmosphere at the church. Our Coral Gables florists are ready to help you through the journey to make your ceremony unforgettable.

Flowers in Coral Gables, how to use them?

There are at least three ways in which you could start decorating with flowers for any wedding. We will share with you these ideas so you can choose the ones that fit what you're trying to achieve on such a special day.

  1. The bridal bouquet

While the bridal bouquet could be less important for some, our Coral Gables florists are 100% sure that it's the first step in taking away the guests' breath at any wedding. It is, after all, the companion piece to a gorgeous-looking bride.

For this occasion, we offer you the Charming Rose Bouquet, created with some of our most popular flowers in Coral Gables. The beautiful roses are complemented with asters, eryngiums, pittosporum and fresh eucalyptus, showing the true joy of perfect love.

Charming roses bouquet - La Florela

  1. Glowing up the church

Every place used for a wedding must reflect the love shared by the couple. But how do you do it? Decorating with flowers! It does not matter if the church is big or small.

Having some beautiful and carefully placed flowers can give the church that extra glow you want. Our Coral Gables florists can help you pick the right ones for the space, considering things like lighting and architectural design.

  1. Centerpieces at the reception

Some people put a lot of effort into planning the wedding reception: choosing the right place, drinks, food, and music. The truth is that the decoration can make it or break it. So, if you want to make sure it's a winner, you need to start decorating with flowers.

Our Coral Gables florists have created the Love Story Roses Bouquet, ideally suited as gorgeous centerpieces. Roses, hypericums, and a mixture of green flowers are guaranteed to evoke the feelings between the newlyweds.

Love story roses - La Florela

Why work with a florist for a wedding?

A florist will advise you on the styles of bouquets, the best colors that work well together and the prettiest flowers to use for the season, depending on the type and style of ceremony that you want!

If you are getting married in Coral Gables, we guarantee that all your wedding flowers will be perfect! From picking the right bouquets to having them freshly delivered and on time. Don't you think these are enough reasons to work with a florist?

Nevertheless, choosing one of our Coral Gables florists will take all your processes one step further. Why? Check this list out:

  • You will get expertly hand-crafted arrangements that look stunning.
  • Given their love for the craft and decorating with flowers, they will help you choose the bouquets that match your wedding theme.
  • The flowers used for your decoration will last longer.
So if you're sure that you want to work with a florist in Coral Gables for your wedding, contact us! At La Florela we have a team of experts and the most unique and fresh flowers from Colombia waiting for you.

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