Do we need a specific and appropriate moment to give flowers?

Do we Need a Specific and Appropriate Moment to Give Flowers?

As is tradition, we normally give flowers to express love, empathy or happiness for certain achievements or situations. It is well known  that we have already normalized the fact of giving flowers on special occasions to make others feel that we support them in their joy or feeling despite sometimes being far away.

Humans have given flowers to one another for many generations. In fact, the use of flowers has a much more ancient origin if we look throughout history.

The prehistoric human was very clear about the importance of flowers to accompany celebrations or funeral rituals as a symbol of admiration and gratitude. Sometimes this habit was highly mobilized for religious or spiritual reasons, deeply rooted in the culture as well, revealed by some fossils of the Paleolithic Age.

In the Classical World and in the Middle Ages, flowers accompanied celebrations, funerals or other events of general interest. Giving flowers was a symbol of devotion.

There are a lot of sources that attribute the beginning of the use of flowers to the East. The language of flowers quickly spread throughout the world, this being one of the most sublime ways to express what we sometimes cannot with words.

It is even possible to think that the fact of giving flowers goes far beyond expressing a feeling. It is something that we usually simplify in a gesture or moment when what we are really giving to the other is an experience, the fact of receiving the flowers, expressing gratitude. Uncovering and arranging the flowers gives life to our spaces, so we can enjoy their beauty, scents and fragrances. By giving flowers, we extend the sentiment that we are sending, prolonging the sweet emotions that flowers bring.

Additional, it is time to demystify that we only give flowers to others, when it is an experience that we can give ourselves, it can even be part of that routine that implies self-care, it is fine to use the language of flowers using it with others but, why not bring the love that flowers generate into our own homes ?

Definitely, we do not always need a special occasion to express love with flowers. Don't  forget that the language of flowers can say many things, spreading joy, gratitude and love. Flowers are a beautiful way to vibrate with love and gratitude, filling our spaces or those of others with life and color.