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How many types of roses are and what are their meanings?

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Why are roses loaded with meaning?

• Red roses
• White roses
• Yellow roses
• Blue roses
• Orange roses

Why are roses loaded with so many meanings?

To begin with, and according to Wikipedia, the genre "rose" is composed by a group of shrubs that usually have thorns and flowers, and that Roses are the main representatives of the Rosaceae family, which is why it is called rose to the flower of the members of this genre and rosebush to the plant.

Did you know that the number of natural specimens that make up these species is more or less 100. Nevertheless it is still wonderful that thanks to various hybridizations, there are around 30 thousand more varieties. Roses are native to Asia and there are some varieties that are native to Europe, North America and Northwestern Africa.

Also, the main use of Roses is due to their extravagant beauty and particular fragrances. Nowadays, the extraction of essential oils from roses is to be used in the industry of cosmetics, perfumes, medicine and gastronomy.

Another nice fact about this flower is that in classical mythologies, its origins point out with a great deal of mysticism towards Aphrodite. At first, it is affirmed that Cybele created this flower in revenge against the goddess of beauty. Also in another version of classical mythologie, it is stated that the roses sprouted from the ground for the first time as a result of the blood spread along the road while Aphrodite ran with her wounded foot to her adored Adonis, who had been mortally wounded by a wild boar.

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Anyway, these are stories based on classical mythology. However, we rather talk about the different types of roses and their meanings, which varies depending on their color:

Red roses

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White roses

Yellow roses

Blue roses

Orange roses

At La Florela we have a variety of roses in different colors with longer stems. Our Roses' stems length are 20 and 24 inches. And here is the answer to why we make this clarification? Because the length of the Rose stem is what makes the head of the rose look bigger and live longer: longer stem, larger vase life.

So if you still have any doubts about which Color of roses you should give to that person you have in mind, please contact us, we gladly will help you.