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How is the Flower Farming at La Florela?

To begin with, at La Florela we generate life experiences through the delivery of our bouquets of flowers, bouquets that are the result of a well-known for best practices floriculture sector in Colombia. Together our objective is to bring to your door, just cut, fresh hand-tie living works of art that will talk by themselves and will inspire the most beautiful emotions and experiences.

In order to accomplish our mission, we at La Florela are constantly promoting growth and development opportunities between our employees and partners. We work hand by hand with the farmers who are in charge of the flower growing and harvesting process; and, also with the artisans that design the beautiful works of art of our curated selection of bouquets.

When we at La Florela think about farming flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is how to accomplish our mission. And we believe that our entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, team work, dedication, excellency and the initiative that characterizes us, are the secrets for being able to farm high quality flowers, with vibrant colors, strong petals, perfect and long stems. For us at la Florela it is always fundamental, to go beyond the physical work that requires farming flowers. For us our mission and philosophy are our road map.

That is why when farming flowers we look forward to being socially responsible with our partners and employees, eco-friendly in our farming practices, risk-takers when doing businesses, and customer-driven. At la Florela we are creators of experiences and storytellers.

Our Values are reflected in the floral experiences and flower diversity we generate. Our values talk to the world.

Every day we select the best roses, lilies, hydrangeas, carnations, pompons, and many more exotic flowers, to create an explosion of colors and aromas that without a doubt will enlight any moment or any important occasion.

And for you to fully live the La Florela experience, where we offer you the art and elegance of Colombian flowers, we want to share some farming flowers recommendations in the style that is made in Colombia.

#1: Proper greenhouse layout

since not all the flowers require the same amount of light, water and wind.

The location of each flower is important in the greenhouse, and also according to the plant you are going to plant. For example, the Colombian orchid should be planted in a ventilated place to avoid humidity, since it is particularly weak and vulnerable to fungi. In this case, you should keep pipes and water sources away and rather, bring them closer to windows or gates.

#2: Constantly monitoring the farming.

This is to avoid pests and weeds and be able to act before the flower production is compromised. How is it done? “It is done during the first months of the farming because the weeds could attract pests and be a competitor for the flowers just planted. We recommend doing it manually, taking care not to damage the suckers that are trying to appear on the surface.

Also, all necessary revisions must be made”, as Dora María Sánchez Arenas explains, professional in agroforestry management, in Manual de cultivos nativos book.

#3: Farm uniformity

Because “farm uniformity helps the optimal explosion of the resources, to achieve it is necessary a correct farm distribution”, according to Agropinos

flower growing - La Florela

#4: Optimize light resources

This with the purpose of avoiding shadows, excess sun, which influences directly the colors of each flower.

#5: Optimize the temperature

This helps us control the environmental conditions of our flower plantation. For environmental care, it is ideal to optimize the temperature with practices that do not generate electricity consumption. It is ideal to have natural trees next to your greenhouse, as they will be a perfect complement to your flowers, not only in terms of oxygen, but also their shade. According to the time of day, they also have a function in the growth of your plantations.

It is also ideal to intersperse plants with different sizes so that neither will suffocate the other. Of course, you should apply this when integrating windows in your greenhouse.

#6: Support yourself with those who know, at La Florela we are for you

You can complement your greenhouse with plants already grown and of course at La Florela we are at your service when you decide to do so. Our artisans cultivate, nurture and carefully select the stems to turn them into true living works of art for you, your home or your greenhouse.

Each and every one of those reasons made the flowers from La florela an ideal piece to be able to enjoy the meaning of art transfer into a bouquet of flowers brought From south America

Our socially responsible farms count with the Rainforest Alliance seal and the initiative of ethical commerce seal, ensuring the best practices with the environment, partners and employees.

Our farmers respect the rich biodiversity of Colombia by avoiding aggressive chemical products and conserving water. When you order one of our flower bouquets, you are supporting more than 1.000 of employees, among them women who are single mothers from rural areas of Colombia.