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Flower delivery in Miami, from the farm to your door

When looking for a flower delivery in Miami you probably expect to find some common bouquets. Made up with regular flowers, harvested in industrial farms somewhere in the US.

While that can be true for most florists, at La Florela we choose to do things a little bit differently. How? Just keep reading to find out.

La Florela: delivering fresh Colombian flowers

Delivery Miami Flowers

That's right! When you order flowers in Miami from us, like the marvelous Roses Bouquet Smile, you'll be receiving them straight from the farms in Colombia. There's no middleman in the process.

What does this mean for your flower delivery in Miami?

Now you may be eager to know what all of this means for your order of Colombian flowers. The short story is that you will get the freshest of flowers in every bouquet. But there's more to it than meets the eye.

The moment you place an order for flower delivery in Miami with La Florela, you're not just buying an amazing bouquet. You're also, in fact, helping Colombian communities and the environment at the same time.

Helping single mothers in Colombia
Whether you buy roses, carnations or a Flowers Freshness Craspedia Bouquet, you're immediately supporting more than 1,000 single mothers in rural areas in Colombia.

They all are part of the farms with whom we closely work to bring these flowers to Miami. These women are in charge of the full process from planting to selecting and hand-tying and without them it wouldn't be possible for us to deliver the most beautiful Colombian flowers.

Environmentally responsible flowers

Know Our History

The seal given by the Ethical Trading Initiative lets you know that all of the people behind your flower delivery in Miami is treated fairly. In other words, their work conditions are of the highest level.

In the end you can rest assured that when you get our flowers in Miami, you're being a part of a sustainable and eco-friendly business. You'll get your order straight from the farms to your door, with astonishing bouquets that'll last longer in your house.

Remember that if you want fresh Colombian flowers for decoration or any important occasion, La Florela is the right place.

Check all the bouquets we have waiting for you and place your order without any complications.