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Flower therapy: 6 benefits of its colors

According to a study by the Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral, flower therapy has begun to be an effective treatment to improve the quality of life of hundreds of patients, especially women, since it has been shown that flowers, their colors and essences They have the facility to cure some illnesses such as circulatory, genitourinary, and even psychological discomforts.
On the other hand, history tells that the healers of ancient Asia used to believe in the "power of flowers". It is even rumored that even today, it is possible to use flowers to attract any desired emotion and feeling, due to the energy and colors of this precious creation.

The tantric explanation for this belief is that each color creates a different frequency of light waves, which travel through the retina and down to the optic nerve.

This triggers a vibration that invades the body and generates a reaction. Thus, neurotransmitters are released that induce the production of calming hormones such as melatonin, stimulating hormones such as adrenaline and hormones that improve mood such as serotonin.

How to achieve a successful flower therapy?

To perform flower therapy, you must keep in mind the different symbols and colors, so that you can attract just what you want. Check it out:

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#1 To boost your energy, use red roses:

Since red has the lowest vibratory index and the highest wavelength, it stimulates the adrenal glands, stimulating energy.

#2 Cultivate your confidence and self-love with hydrangeas

The indigo color stimulates the brain's pineal gland, which is the regulator of sleep patterns. Indigo also helps free your mind from worry and fear. Simultaneously it helps to release inhibitions and limitations.

#3 Vibrate high and positive with sunflowers

Sunflowers are characterized by radiating and accumulating light waves. For this reason, they help stimulate our brain and lead us to have a more positive attitude in our day to day.

#4 Reduce your allergies by smelling and buying orange pompons

The color orange strengthens the immune system and lungs, which can prevent allergies. Orange also has a great beneficial effect on the digestive system.

#5 Reduce your stress levels with lilies or lilacs

These flowers are characterized by soft and calm vibrations, which generate a stimulus in our brain that drives the pituitary gland, the part of the brain that produces beta-endorphins, a hormone that fights stress.

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#6 Improve the quality of your sleep with blue flowers

Blue helps the production of melatonin, a brain chemical that helps us relax our bodies, and therefore, sleep soundly.

Live, learn, share and give away all the benefits that flowers offer us. Remember that plants also help us channel heavy and low energies, generally improving our quality of life.

Now that you know the benefits of flower therapy and its different functionalities, do you dare to buy some?

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