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Where can I get a flowers delivery Miami?

Have you found yourself thinking "Where can I get a flowers delivery Miami"? Look no further! In La Florela we have a wide range of artisan and hand-tied bouquets that will suit your needs every day of the week and on any special occasion.

Our artisans work with flowers from Colombia, which will offer you a chance to get a nice and fresh flower bouquet that's not only near you but comes straight from our eco-friendly farms. How do we do it? The team at La Florela is ready to send flowers in Miami or anywhere within the U.S.

Which kind of flower bouquets do we have near you?

If you're looking flowers delivery Miami or just want to buy them for yourself, we have all that you need. Our bouquets are filled with the lively colors that accompany roses, lilies, hydrangeas, carnations, pompons greenery, and Colombian tropical flowers.

Most of our flower bouquets that we have available combine two or more of these types of flowers, which creates fantastic combinations of aromas and colors. Let's have a look at some of the more popular among our buyers and help you pick the right one for you or your loved ones.

Pompon & Roses Bouquet Always Together
Is there a special date you’d want to celebrate with your partner? Maybe you just want to gracefully remind them how much you love them? If that's the case, then this is what you're looking for. Skillfully crafted with a collection of roses, carnations, hypericums, limonium, and a mix of greens, the Pompon & Roses Bouquet Always Together is sure to make a lasting impression. You will find it in three different sizes (20, 40 or 60 stems), with a price range between $65 and $110. When buying you'll be able to schedule the flowers delivery Miami or in any other state within the U.S. at half the price of our competitors.

Roses Bouquet Wishes

Roses Bouquet Wishes

Forest Freshness Craspedia Bouquet

Forest Freshness Craspedia Bouquet.

These are just 3 of the many options we offer for the next time you need flowers delivery Miami. You can find our whole catalog with all of the arrangements on our website and pick the right one to surprise your loved ones with our assortment of beautiful Colombian flowers.

And while you're there, why not explore the benefits that our subscription brings you? From great discounts in products and flowers delivery Miami or the U.S. to the chance of sending flowers to someone else. The choice is yours!