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Flowers for your boyfriend: Choose the right kind of flower

Giving flowers to your boyfriend doesn't have to be a taboo. We all appreciate being in contact with nature and looking at beautiful things, like an amazing bouquet of flowers.

The meaning of this gift is not only associated with romantic love, it is also a way of thanking, pampering and encouraging the other.

Although in society flowers are associated with femininity, especially roses, gifting them to a gentleman is a clear gesture: I care about you. But which are the ideal flowers for men? Such category really exist?

Flowers for men: which kind and color is a must?

Bold colors like bright blues, purples, fuchsias, or yellows are perfect for them. Also, bouquets that include a combination of green flowers, with strong shapes and are easy to care for.

Although men usually don't receive red roses, bouquets with white roses or pompoms are also ideal to instill emotions and generate surprise and love.

Also, you can get creative with the container for the flowers: It can be in the shape of a bottle, a coffee mug or his favorite character. Creativity is your ally in these cases!

These are some of the flowers you can combine or choose from to give to your boyfriend:

Beautiful Alstroemelias - La Florela



Bouquet Melodic safari bouquet - La Florela
Asters wedding flowers - La Florela



Fresh greens Flowers arrangements - Pop Art Flowers - La Florela

Do you already know what type of flowers will surprise your boyftiend?

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