Live, share and gift a subscription of fresh flowers

Bouquet subscriptions for one-off deliveries are an ideal gift idea for many reasons.

Among them, giving flowers will always cause a surprise as it is a very sweet gesture that shows a lot of thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Receiving a bouquet of flowers is a beautiful thing since to feel blessed with so much kindness and to know that it is not just about the flowers but the intention behind it.

It is a gift that causes smiles, shows support and concern.

Sending a bouquet of flowers is an ideal gift for a special occasion or celebration or to offer condolences at a difficult time.

Sending bouquets of flowers at random, without following some special date or tradition is a nice gesture and 

The flower subscription services were created to guarantee  the supply in the variety of flowers offered along with the range of subscription plans and to ensure quality and freshness. Sending one of our farm-to-door flower subscriptions to your special someone makes for a flower gift they will never forget!  Whether you're sending birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, Mother's Day flowers, or sending flowers "just because," a flower subscription is the perfect gift!

At La Florela, we are a family business that has been in the flower business for more than 2 years. The flowers are shipped directly from farms in Colombia, which makes the trip from our farms to your door shorter, without intermediaries. We offer  a 7-day freshness guarantee.

We only deliver the best flowers from our organic flower farms that are Rainforest Alliance certified,  Although we specialize in flower subscriptions, we also offer great one-of-a-kind products in our flower boutique.You can choose from our  red and multi-colored roses bouquets ,  hydrangeas bouquets, exotic tropical bouquets, stunning garden lilies, unique mixed flower bouquets. All flowers arrive hand-tied in a signature box with instructions and flower food to sustain their sustenance for as long as possible. Delivery is available in every US state .

Flowers can make almost any home feel cozy and fresh. Using a flower subscription can be a great way to breathe new life into your home. When placing an order of a flower subscription with la Florela, you have the option of receiving your flowers once a  month or  every two weeks.

7 Advantages of our subscription:

1.The flowers are sent directly from the farms to your  door, without intermediaries.

2.Access to exclusive bouquets by subscription.

3.Access to special discounts: 30% off the price and  and 50% off shipping

4.The flowers are ethically sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

5.You can schedule your shipment to receive it on the date you want.

6.It is super flexible: you have the facility to change the recipient, the design, the delivery dates ,you can also easily skip an order when you need it.

7.A subscription  helps to save time.

A flower subscription from La Florela is an excellent solution for busy but caring people.

For  the ones who love to host parties, events and love to celebrate life.

Who loves to make others feel special by sending special  flowers to friends and family.

With our subscription you have the option to change the delivery  address every month.

It is also ideal for  public places,  such as churches, gyms, spas, and  any other professional office who attend  people  and love to make them feel welcome.

Flowers are very similar to accessories,  they give a final and special touch to any space, event or  celebration, which is why they turn out to be the best gift.

Woman opening flower box - La Florela

Learn about the art that inspires our flower designs here

Flowers have the power of changing any atmosphere, Flowers make any place to look warmer,  and more colorful. They alone make up a great decoration.

A flower subscription is a very practical way to stay in touch with the special circle of friends and family.

Send happiness all year round with a subscription .

Our subscription is received periodically without the need to make a new purchase each month. In our subscription you receive your bouquet on a regular basis.

Our subscriptions are tailored for every taste and genre.