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Type of flowers: which are the best to give as gifts?

Flowers will always be a great gift to celebrate someone we love. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a birthday, or a graduation are all great occasions to surprise someone with a bouquet, but what type of flowers are best for each person and occasion?

There are different kinds of flowers that you can choose to communicate different messages and in this blog you will find the best options. But first, you have to learn about flower species.

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, there are different kinds of flowers to give at a special event, but without a doubt, roses are still favorites. Below you will be able to meet one by one the most requested flower species for special dates


different kinds of flowers - La Florela
types of flowers in bouquets - La Florela



According to a Japanese legend, pompoms were born when a two-year-old boy suddenly fell ill. His parents, anguished, asked the old sage of the town for help. The sage asked the mother to go out into the forest to look for a flower and, upon finding it, count its petals. According to the sage, the number of petals of the flower you find will be the number of days that your child will live.

The woman came across a yellow flower in the forest with only four petals. She burst into tears, refusing to lose her son. Then, she had an idea: she broke each of the petals into hundreds of pieces and took them to the wise man. The surprised old man told her that her son will live for many years, that he will have a family and see her and her husband grow old.

When the woman returned home, her little son was healthy and it is believed that, since then, all pompoms stopped having four leaves to bloom into dozens of petals.

Due to this story, pompons are one of the types of flowers in bouquets that are most recommended when we want to send encouragement to a loved one who is ill or who has come out well after surgery.


In the 16th century, Isabel of Portugal earned the title of "the Empress of the Carnation", all thanks to her husband, Carlos I of Spain, who, deeply in love with her, ordered the palace gardeners to plant some seeds of Persian flowers as a symbol of the love he professed for his wife. The rare seeds bloomed and turned out to be red carnations that were spread throughout the city.

For this reason, carnations are associated with love, so it is an ideal type of flower to declare our love to someone we like or to give on an anniversary and let our partner know that the feeling is still as alive as the first day.


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