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3 Halloween flower arrangements

The scariest night of the year is approaching and it is time for you to start thinking about the costume you are going to wear, and the way you are going to decorate your house; you start to think if you want to go for something classic or for something innovative.

If you want to go for a classic style, the large supermarkets make it easy for you, however, if you want to go for something that steals the attention of everyone who passes by your street, at La Florela we have the best Halloween floral arrangements to make that happen.

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And of course, you may be wondering why decorate with flowers to celebrate this holiday and the answer is easy: because with just a few small touches, the beauty of the flowers also manages to give a spooky feeling, you just have to play with the custom colors ( black, white, orange and purple) and with the shapes that tradition provides us (pumpkins or spiders, for example).

So we are going to leave you 3 Halloween flower bouquets to encourage yourself to take a step towards creativity and innovation, because as Oscar Wilde said, “a flower blooms for its own joy”.


It is no secret to anyone that at La Florela, we love to make the flowers that we grow with love and dedication in Colombia, a work of art, and for Halloween we are not going to skip that slogan that has become our law. Besides using the shapes, strength and vibrant colors of yellow and orange, we propose to create unique arrangements, giving a touch of exclusivity to each piece, adding some decorative resources that do not overshadow but rather exalt the nature and freshness of the gerberas, the roses or the pompoms with which we work.
Halloween bouquets - La Florela


Another good option for your house to be spectacular on Halloween is to combine our beautiful flowers (arranged in vases), with the famous pumpkins, because although this resource is common, it is still a decorative object that we can turn around and avoid the common style.


Finally, and to continue with the Halloween floral wave, another perfect decoration for that night are the centerpieces in different colors according to the rest of the decoration you have used: purple gerberas and hydrangeas, orange lilies, white roses or pompoms, They are flowers that due to their exotic shapes are perfect for this occasion, it is just that you distribute them all over the place you want to decorate.
Halloween floral - La Florela

Finally, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, because in La Florela we are here to advise you and to deliver at the door of your house, the beautiful works of art with Colombian flowers that we grow. Click here! We are waiting for you!