How to choose the perfect wedding bouquet

Give your wedding flowers some thought with this advice in how to settle on the perfect bouquet.

Wedding bouquets and flowers are an integral part of any wedding and effectively serve to make your special day more colorful, vibrant and memorable. They can bring a whole picture together - tying together colour schemes and themes, as well as providing sweet natural scents to offer positive energy throughout the big day.

The wedding bouquet represents good luck in the bride’s future, and it is a tradition for unmarried women to take some flower petals from the bride’s bouquet in order to capture some of that good fortune for themselves. 

Offering five top tips in how to find the perfect bouquet, Bridal Flowers by Moyse delivers the team's expert advice.

1. Choose the wedding dress before your bouquet

Before choosing the wedding bouquet, you must choose the wedding dress first. The final design and floral components of your bouquet will depend on the style, colour, and overall design of your wedding dress. So, when you meet with your florist be sure to bring a photograph of your wedding gown to help you both decide on an appropriate bridal bouquet to accompany it. 

2. Consider the shape and size of your wedding bouquet

Make sure the shape and size of your wedding bouquet perfectly suits the feature details of your dress. If you have a bustle at the back of your wedding gown, you might want to balance the look with a more impressive bouquet.

Bouquet fashions are changing day by day, but the most important thing is that the flower arrangement perfectly complements your wedding gown but doesn’t drown you or obscure the beautiful details. Remember your wedding bouquet should be smaller than your waist, thus helping to maintain your natural shape.

Don't be disheartened if your florist suggests flowers which might not have been your first choice; you'll be thanking them for it in the long run.

3. Consider the colour combination of your wedding dress and bouquet

Coloured wedding dresses are bang on trend for 2017 and it is very important that this doesn't clash with your chosen bouquet. Off-white and white dresses can be difficult to match with the same colour flowers, so be sure to bring a photo of your dress or a piece of your dress material that will help your florist when designing the colour scheme of your bouquet. Patterened or floral wedding gowns won't look right with a busy bouquet, while champagne and rose gold hues will only work with certain shades, so always consult your florist first.

Spare dress material can also be used to wrap around the stems of your bouquet to perfectly match your wedding day ensemble. Just ask your dressmaker for any spare cuttings.

4. Choose seasonal bridal flowers

Some flowers won’t be available all year round. Choose those flowers that are available in your wedding season, which will help you to save a lot of money. Go to the effort with your florist to find the most appropriate and attractive seasonal blooms to incorporate into your bridal bouquet. Also, choose those flowers that represent your wedding day and the emotions you will be feeling, but don't compromise on the overall look. See this post for the hidden meanings behind wedding flowers. 

5. Choose a comfortable bouquet and one that you can hold easily

When you are nervous before your wedding and hold your bouquet for the first time, you want to feel comfortable. Test it out by holding your wedding bouquet in one hand and below your hip, slightly away from you, so that the shape of your dress can be easily seen. This will relax you, improve your posture and create the best pose for your photographs.