The best birthday flowers for a girlfriend: show love and romance

Flowers are a present that never gets old. The intense aromas, the colors, and the meaning represent an incredible gift to the people we love. Also, flowers are great to cheer up, calm, and connect with nature. 

The best birthday present for a girlfriend is a beautiful bouquet, especially if you look at her month's flowers, and combine them with other blossoms.

Why buy birthday flowers for your girlfriend?

  • Flowers are rich in symbolism and have their secret language. Combine them said more than you think.
  • A bouquet is never a boring present. If you find the perfect happy birthday flowers, it will be a party of colors, aromas, and texture.
  • Flowers are never erased from our memory: details like flowers become unforgettable in our hearts, for their meaning, for the person that makes the present possible.

Birthday present for a girlfriend: Which flowers must choose?

Lily Bouquet: if she was born in May

Lilies are beautiful flowers that scream Spring in their shape, distinct colors, and elegance. A lily bouquet is a lovely birthday gift!

Lilies bloom in May and June. In red, they mean love and seduction. If lilies are white, they mean purity and beauty; yellows are synonymous with gratitude and joy, and orange lilies represent passion.

A lily bouquet composed of roses, pompons, moluccellas, and mini carnations brings your girlfriend joy, and she will feel loved.

Roses: confess your true love

If you think of birthday flowers for a girlfriend, roses pop up in your mind!  They are a classic gift among couples. Red roses mean passionate love, desire, and seduction. However, combining red roses with pink roses makes the energy different. The pair means sweetness, honesty, and true love. 

The pink rose’s different tones also mean respect, charm, and frankness. The best birthday present for a girlfriend is a bouquet with red and pink roses, lilies, Limonium and a mix of green flowers; invoke nature, the flow, and the beauty in the relationship.

Hydrangeas: the mature love

The hydrangeas are flowers that get their colors when they reach maturity, so when you give them as a gift, it could mean a mature and deep love. 

These flowers are loaded with symbolism: beauty, gratitude, femininity, and abundance. Combining them with pompons, roses, and mini carnations, you get an exotic bouquet full of color and romance. 

Light the flame in your relationship, give her flowers and the sensation that you will be a couple forever, rich in security, hope and love. Combine all the colors and the flowers for their meaning and surprise her with a beautiful bouquet.

Remember, you can accompany the birthday flowers for a girlfriend with a card, a phrase, or a poem that flatter, showing affection to her and what she means in your life. The most important: wish her a happy birthday, full of unforgettable moments, laughs, and the presence of the people she loves.

Flowers remind us that we are like nature: we are reborn, shine and bring light to the lives of others.

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