The top 5 wedding flowers according to their meaning: which ones do you choose?

Beyond being present at the aisle in the hands of the bride and in the groom's suit, flowers play a more than important role in every moment of the wedding, Because with them you not only decorate your hair but also each one of the corners of the room where the ceremony takes place: could be it at church, hall or at the beach.

That is why when planning that special day, the first thing to do is choose the bridel bouquet. Since the general style of the celebration depends largely on it. Always keep in mind that it should bring not only joy, but also color and beauty.

And this is not just a fashion imposed by social media and the internet, no. Decorating with lots of flowers that symbolize love and the union between two people who love each other dates back to ancient Rome. Where “the bride and groom wore a necklace of aromatic herbs and spices such as garlic, thyme, and dill to invoke hope, fertility and new life”, according to the COPE Blog.

In ancient Rome during the weddings, the women would carry out branches of thyme, bay leaves and garlic to drive away evil spirits and so that they would not corrupt the happiness of their husbands. On the other hand , some scholars claim that the bouquet of flowers was already a tradition in ancient Egypt and that it was precisely the Crusaders who introduced the tradition to Europe.

Anyway, the truth is that from the other side of the sea, the Mediterranean cultures have given us the Westernized world a beautiful custom. Which has given us a lot to think about and to dream about since ever, so pay attention to the following wedding flowers meanings, because we made a top 5 of which flowers that for decades have been at the forefront of this occasion:

The unsurpassed roses

wedding flowers - La Florela
Asters wedding flowers - La Florela

The happy daisies

The beautiful hydrangeas

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wedding flowers - la florela

The subtle lilies

The carnations do not forget me

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Finally, remember that the flowers of your wedding should express feelings, emotions, moments of gratitude... and this is only achieved when you choose that each detail is designed with love, so do not hesitate to contact us, because at La Florela we are experts in making each arrangement into a work of art, as our elegant, innovative and creative compositions result in memorable memories.