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What is the flower bouquet meaning and what does it mean to get one as a gift?

To begin with, what is a bouquet?

To start with this topic that fascinates us, let's first talk about what the word bouquet literally means. Thanks to the Lysa Flores Blog, we know that it is a word that comes from the French language, and it means “flowers obtained from the forests”, or a “set of flowers with its natural greens''.

When we talk about bouquets in the world of floristry, we refer to an arrangement previously designed and made by a professional. The florist puts the set of flowers together, flowers of her own preference to design a living piece of artwork.

And we say work of art because that is the main definition we have in La Florela when that word comes to our minds and when we design them, bouquet.

Our flowers are grown, and cut by Colombian artisan hands, who seek to create something special for someone special. Since we started with the creation processes of our bouquets, we begin to create a new story.

What types of bouquet are there?

As in everything, there are different presentations in which a bouquet of flowers can reach your hands and the uses, of course, vary depending on the occasion:

Expressionism Flowers - La Florela


It is perhaps the most common and is formed by intertwining flowers in circles. That at the end, and thanks to the way they have been tied, they form a kind of shape of a full moon.

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This type of bouquet is made up of different types of flowers that fall into a curve, allowing some secondary flowers to float at their sides, while in the center of the bouquet the main flowers are strongly preserved and will take all the attention of this true work of art.


Forearm bouquets are formed from long and strong stems that are fastened with ribbons. Did you know that longer stems equals better quality flowers. At La Florela our forearm flower bouquets always have longer stems, some of our stems are up to 24 inches long.

What is the meaning of being given a bouquet?

In Victorian times flowers were used to convey messages that would otherwise have been impossible to deliver because they could not be said aloud. It was a kind of silent dialogue that was used to say: "Yes", or " No” depending on the hand with which they were delivered.

But that today is nothing more than an anecdote, since nowadays a flower arrangement is sent for different reasons, and its meaning varies depending on the type of flowers and colors that compose it, the way in which it is displayed and delivered and the moment..

However, one thing is for sure: the fact of receiving a bouquet goes beyond saying: "Hello, I received flowers", because it is very obvious that if someone takes the time to research, call, and do all the necessary arrangements so that either at home or at your office you are surprised by receiving a bouquet of flowers, is because this person loves you, admires you and you are important to its life.

Just enjoy your real living piece of art, you are a very special person who has the privilege of running into something that is beautiful.

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We hope this article has helped you solve your doubts!