About the Subscription

Live and share a floral subscription as the best gift that will prolong your experience. The Floral subscription bouquets are made with the best fresh-cut flowers. Our bouquets are carefully packed and shipped in our eco- friendly boxes from a social responsible farm to your door.
Enjoy this floral experience

Just follow these simple steps to customize your plan:

1. Select your design from one of our beautiful collections
2. Pick the size of your Bouquet :

  • Premium : up to 20 stems
  • Fabulous: up to 40 stems
  • Sumptuous up: to 60 stems

3. Select the frequency: every two weeks or monthly
4. Select the recipient of the subscription: yourself or send it to somebody else!
5. Select the date on which you want to receive your first bouquet.

Additionally, enjoy all the benefits for subscribers!

  • Get 30% discount on the bouquet you choose.
  • Always get 50% free shipping
  • Enjoy our VIP member benefits : discounts, surprises and access to preferential content.

Give more than Flowers, give a subscription of flowers and enjoy the magical floral experience by La Florela -