These are the top 3 Colombian flowers to give

Having a nice gesture, be it small or big, can accomplish so much in any kind of relationship. One that's perfect at any given moment is giving a beautiful bouquet chosen from the heart. And how can it be made even better you ask? Buying one with an assortment of Colombian flowers.

It's well known around the world, and especially in the USA, that flowers from Colombia are among the best you can find. They are always fresh, with bright and vivid colors, topped off with the nicest aromas around.

Colombian flowers, which ones should you choose?

Alright then! If you're now interested in some of the top Colombian flowers to give, read along and find out. We'll share with you which ones are the most popular among residents in the USA, so you can pick the right ones from La Florela and get them delivered directly from the farms.


Growing mainly in the mountains of Los Andes, and with some similarity to lilies, these popular flowers from Colombia are gorgeous. They are usually found in a wide variety of colors that include white, yellow, red, and even purple.

Alstroemerias can be given, albeit in different colors, to almost anyone you know. Why? These Colombian flowers communicate solidarity, respect, understanding and even patience. They are not only suited for romantic purposes but also to convey the importance of a friendship or just to remind to someone that life is beautiful.

If you believe that alstroemerias are the flowers you need, then take a look at this amazing Alstroemerias Flowers Natural Scent bouquet that we at La Florela have for you.


Giving roses to someone is tied with the idea of romance, right? Let us tell you how you can send roses to anybody without being in search of a romantic relationship. After all, these ever-so-beautiful flowers are also a symbol of freedom and liberty around the world.

Choosing roses as the main flower in any floral arrangement, as in this stunning Charming Rose Bouquet, opens up a world of possibilities. Yes, they can be for a loved one, but different colors will give you different results. For instance, going with white ones conveys a sense of peace while soft pink is a color more suited if all you want is to get a smile. 

In the end, if you go with these spectacular flowers from Colombia, nothing can go wrong.


There's a particular flower that became popular for its exuberant looks, both because the size of its stems and the lush colors in which it's found. We are talking about the hydrangeas of course!

Drawing the attention of everyone, these Colombian flowers work perfectly when paired with pompons or carnations, even roses. Their bright colors, such as blue and pink, will bring joy to any space where they are placed and will help you express your appreciation towards the recipient.

So if you want to brighten up someone's day, the Hydrangea Bouquet Feelings & Emotions is what you need.

See? Flowers go a long way in maintaining bonds. You can give them to your partner, friends, family, or coworkers. Just be sure to pick a florist that can help you to get the freshest bouquets delivered right from the farms and you'll be on the right path towards making an impression.

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