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On our planet there are around 270 to 400 thousand species of flowers. This big number makes flowering plants the largest group in the living kingdom. Today we will talk about 7 types of flowers and their meanings.Continue Reading
Intro: According to commonly established meanings, gladiolus is the flower of strength and excellency, thanks to the fact that it appears to be very resistant when compared to other delicate flowers. However, at La Florela we are convinced that strength has to do with other things as well. So, to answer the question that summons us today: what are the flowers that represent strength? We will share a story:Continue Reading

For roses there are innumerable interpretations that depend on the historical and cultural context from which they are viewed. Although, there is something that everyone points out: their amorous symbolism. That is why in this article we are going to talk about the different types of roses and their meanings.

Continue Reading
Today's topic excites us too much because it speaks directly about what we do and what we love: art and flowers, or as Andy Warhol said, what we “let out”. Today we are going to talk about expressionist art and nature as a form of beauty that talks through flowers, which is, ultimately, the reason why we exist in La Florela.Continue Reading
As we know that the question that summons us today, what types of art are there ? brings with it a range of possibilities, we will focus on three movements that have been a source of inspiration for this Colombian flower home: Impressionism, Expressionism and Pop Art.Continue Reading
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